Ideal for the DIY projects, weekend gardening, home renovation, shifting furniture and anything else you may need.

Moving house or items can be a stressful time for anyone – but not if you have the right equipment for it. Roadrentals  have trailer hire options available – each with their own advantages and benefits.

Shuttle Trailer: $40.00 per day. Measurements 1.75 long, 1 high, 1.19 wide. Perfect for sports gear, weekend projects and luggage.

Single Axle Trailer: $50.00 per day. Measurements 2.35 long, 1.5 high, 1.7 wide. Perfect for furniture, weekend projects and luggage.

All trailers require a 1”7/8 or 47.5 mm diameter tow ball.




  • large truck flat deck 2 axle trailer
  • 25ft with container twist locks
  • single axle furniture trailer
  • luggage shuttle trailer

Standard insurance excess $2000, for an extra $20.00 a day you can reduce the insurance excess to $500.00.